The United States is the world’s leading producer of
pistachios accounting for approximately 40% of world
production. Commercial U.S. pistachio production takes
place almost exclusively in the San Joaquin and Sacramento
valley regions of California. Each year, California growers
produced nearly 300,000 tons of pistachios! Pistachios are
also produced in Arizona and New Mexico but to a much
lesser extent

Website: www.wifss.ucdavis.edu

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United States Standards for Grades of Pistachio Nuts in the Shell

Nuts may be considered as meeting a size designation specified in Table IV or a range in number of nuts per ounce, provided, the weight of 10 percent, by count, of the largest nuts in a sample does not exceed 1.50 times the weight of 10 percent, by count, of the smallest and the average number of nuts per ounce is not more than one-half nut above or below the extremes of the range specified.

Nut Size
Size designation Average Number of Nuts Per Ounce1
Colossal Less than 18
Extra Large 18 to 20
Large 21 to 25
Medium 26 to 30
Small More than 30

Before Roasting